Try us, you will be surprised.

  • We will call you back, we will respond to your emails and we will do our best to support your career and keep you up to date with how your application is going.
  • We want the best talent in the market and we can only achieve this by getting to know you. We are not going to consider you for roles that do not match your skills and personality and you won’t be a number in a spreadsheet.
  • We recognize that these high achieving environments are crying out for talent that goes above and beyond the corporate ethic. To work in highly productive private environments, you must bring the same work ethic to the table that your employers and colleagues expect, whether it’s serving a drink, navigating reputation risk management, preparing for board meetings, or driving the children to tennis lessons.

Our Requirements: Like yours, our standards are high.

  • You will need relevant experience within high achieving environments whether this is a Private Office, Private Residence, Private Members Club or Senior (C-Suite) Corporate roles.
  • You will need an excellent employment record with verifiable references who we can physically speak to. References that only confirm employment and not performance will not be accepted.
  • You must agree to advanced DBS checks, this is not negotiable.
  • You will need to submit your CV/Resume here. Our preference is that the format is simple, factual and in MS Word, however we are happy to help you with your CV if you meet the requirements above. We will then ask you to fill out a required application that will be bespoke to your area of expertise.