Our Clients

We are not simply an ‘Agency’.

  • We are your confidential support, and we will help you craft your results through bespoke staffing, proven logistical acumen, consultation and training across a plethora of bespoke areas.
  • Our Team has hands-on experience in all areas of support for Family Offices and Residences and we understand what it takes to produce and maintain high standards.
  • We shall always make ourselves available to meet in person as soon as is possible, at your convenience.

Our success is based on our expertise and

  • Listening to your detailed requirements.
  • Frank advice, if requested.
  • Consideration of private team personalities, business models and goals.

Given the nature of Private environments, all our employees and candidates

1. Have comprehensive background checks

2. Are fully engaged and aware of the confidential and discreet nature of the supporting role.

If you would like us to provide Personnel they will be

  • Fully vetted with advanced DBS checks and our own formula for the bespoke area of expertise.

If you are looking for support and an effective relationship,

  • We would be happy to discuss our terms in person or through email, phone or video conference.